Mix&match menu

Mix&match menu

What if I want something unique?


As a result of our commitment to personalised service, our mix & match menu gives you the freedom to create a new experience by combining items in a unique way.

Stop by for a light pasta at lunchtime, our chef's soup special or vary the ingredients on our menu to your taste.

Play with flavours, find the combination that suits your mood or the occasion.



Weekly chef's soup recommendation

1990 Ft

Veget√°rian dish

Homemade spinach pasta - mushrooms - parmesan (1, 3, 7) 
4150 Ft


Crispy skin duck breast 
3150 Ft
Sous-vide pork fillet
3150 Ft
Seared salmon fillet with skin
4050 Ft
Pan Fried chicken supreme
2990 Ft
Wiener schnitzel
4050 Ft
Braised beef cheek
3250 Ft


Fried sweet potatoes
850 Ft 
Creamy potato pure√© (7) 
850 Ft
French fries
850 Ft
Steamed jasmin rice
850 Ft
Pan Fried vegetables
850 Ft
Steamed vegetables
850 Ft



Veal gravy 
850 Ft
Forest mushroom sauce (10) 
850 Ft
Fish sauce with pesto (4, 7) 
850 Ft
Red wine jus
850 Ft
Blue cheese sauce(1, 7) 
850 Ft


Caesar salad
3150 Ft
with Slice of chicken breast
4590 Ft
with Seared prawns
4950 Ft


Pickled cucumber
790 Ft
Mixed barrel pickeles
790 Ft
Fermented cucumber
790 Ft
Pickled pepper sweet or spice
790 Ft

Weekly chef's dessert recommendation

2150 Ft



1. Glutene, 2. Crab, 3. Egg, 4. Fish, 5. Peanut, 6. Soy, 7. Lactose, 8. Nut, 9. Celery, 10. Mustard, 11. Sesame, 12. Sulphur dioxide, 13. Lupin, 14. Mollusc

The number next to the food indicates the type of allergen in each dish.

Prices in HUF, 15% service charge and VAT are included.

Choose from our mix & match menu Monday to Sunday during the day in our restaurant. We welcome our guests from Szeged as well as our residents.


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