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Dear Guests!

It is our pleasure to provide you with useful information about our hotel to make your stay more comfortable.
If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact one of our colleagues.

We wish you a pleasant time in Szeged and a pleasant stay in our Hotel.

Best regards,
Art Hotel Szeged



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Covid: We would like to inform you, that due to COVID you can ask for pen, notepad and laundry bag at the reception.

  • ACCENT AQUA: In our hotel we are waiting for our guests with our own, carbonated and non-carbonated filtered water. If you would like to buy the unique bottle of the filtered water, we are at your disposal at the reception. In addition, it is possible to buy our special water-bottle at the reception, which we refill with filtered water free of charge during your stay.
    All of our rooms are equipped with air conditioner that can be adjusted individually. The equipment stops working if the terrace door or window is open or if your key card is not inserted into the slot next to the door.
    ​​​​​​Please contact the Reception.
    The use of the bathrobe is free of charge.
    For bicycle rental request please contact the Reception.
    For car rental request please contact the Reception.
    Daily cleaning is from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
    If you do not wish to be disturbed at the given time but necessary to clean at another time or do not wish any cleaning at all, please let us know by hanging the sign designated for this purpose on the door. In case you require any extra cleaning, do not hesitate to contact the Reception.
    We would like to inform you that we are changing thet bedding two times a week.
    Please contact the Reception during your stay, so that we could solve your problem as soon as possible.
    Conference rooms for 50-180 people, small section halls, and in summer the terrace offer many opportunities for leisure activities, weddings or corporate meetings. For more information, please contact our colleague by requesting an offer at the email address:
    We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro and SZÉP Card.
    In case of intentional damages extra fee will be charged.
    On the day of departure you are requested to vacate your room before 10 a.m. If you wish to stay longer please contact the Reception. Please leave the key card at the Reception before leaving the hotel, otherwise 1.000 HUF/card will be charged.
    The electric current is 230 V/50 Hz.
    Our environment-friendly hotel supports several environmental initiatives. In recognition of our efforts the hotel received the ISO-14001 certificate. We are paying great attention also to the reduction of chemicals used, water consumption and apply selective waste collection. We kindly ask you to support our efforts. Let us save our environment together!
    It is shown on the emergency escape map on the back of the room door.
    Extra blankets, pillows (feather, anti-allergic) are available on request, please call the Reception. If you need fresh towels and linen contact the Reception.
    Available at the Reception for an extra charge.
  • FIRE
    Every floor in the hotel is furnished with fire alarm equipment and fire extinguisher; there is also a smoke detector in every room.
    In case of fire the guests are alarmed by a siren sound and are requested to leave the hotel as soon as possible through the nearest emergency exit by following the escape route shown on the emergency escape map on the back of the room door.
    Please contact the reception.
    Hairdryer is available in every room.
    National and official holidays of Hungary: 1 January, 15 March, Easter Monday, 1 May, Whit Monday, 20 August, 23 October, 1 November, 25 and 26 December.
    Razor, toothbrush and toothpaste are available at the Reception for an extra charge, shower cap, comb, sewing kit and slippers for free of charge.
    There is free WiFi connection available in the whole area of the hotel.
    • Network: “Art Hotel”
    • Password: Szeged2013
    For electricity in your room, please insert your card in the slot near the door.
    Please leave the key card at the Reception before leaving the hotel, otherwise 1.000 HUF/ card may be charged.
    You can indicate your washing and ironing needs at the reception, where you can request a laundry bag and a list. We can undertake our laundry service 24 hours after delivery. Place your dry cleaning clothes in a separate bag and leave them at the reception until 9 am. Our dry cleaning service is available from Monday to Friday.
    Letter papers and envelops are available at the reception for free of charge.
    Our Lobby Bar is open 0-24 hours.
    Any items lost or left inside the hotel will be kept for six months, except for food and liquids. For information about lost items, please contact the Reception.
    Please contact the Reception.
    The hotel cannot be held responsible for the items placed in the luggage.
    Please contact the Reception.
    In the hotel rooms we do not have any mini-bar, instead of that we have 0-24 hours room service. You can find the menu at the end of this brochure. To place an order, call the Reception. Room service cost 1.000 HUF extra charge.
    For an extra charge package delivery service is available at the Reception.
    Daily fee for hotel guests: 3.300 HUF/night/car. The parking lot is guarded and monitored, but we do not take responsibility for any loss or damages to your vehicle.
  • PETS
    All pets will find room fittings such as a bed with a blanket, food bowls, sanitary bags for walking and a bag of treats already present in the room, free of charge. Pets are not allowed in the Wellness Centre. Please inform the reception about possible times of cleaning. Keeping pets in the rooms is subject to an extra fee, which is 6.000 HUF.
    Radio programs can be listened through the close circuit television network, whose schedule can be found in the program guide below.
    Our Reception staff is at your disposal 24 hours a day. Number of the reception: 501.
    Breakfast: 07 a.m. – 10 a.m.
    A’la carte: 11:30 a.m. – 22 p.m.
    Room service from the Restaurant cost 1.000 HUF extra charge
    Order from 0-24 hours from the drink menu of the Lobby Bar, or from the restaurant food and drink offer during the restaurant opening hours. Cost of the room service is 1.000 HUF/ occasion.
  • SAFE
    We take no responsibility for any objects placed in the rooms. Using the safety deposit box in the wardrobe is free of charge.
    How to use:
    Default code: 00roomnumberE
    To change the code press the “Reset” button, located on the back cover of the door. Enter an optional five digit-number code, then push the “E” button. In addition you have the opportunity to use the main safe at the Reception.
    Sewing kits are available at the Reception. For the prices of our sewing services ask the Reception.
    Shoe shine machine awaits You in our Hotel, for further information please contact the reception.
    Please turn to the Reception.
    Slippers are available at the Reception and in the Wellness Centre.
    All of our rooms are non-smoking. Smoking is allowed only in designated areas and also on the balconies of the rooms. If you need ashtray, please call the Reception. An extra fine will be charged in case of smoking in the rooms.
    We recommend to take a look on our Souvenirs in the glass vitrine in the lobby of our hotel which can be bought at the reception.
  • TAXI
    Taxi can be ordered at the Reception.
    If you notice a technical failure, or you need some technical help please call the Reception.
    You can make domestic and international calls from the rooms. The call fee will be charged to the room bill at the reception. It is also possible to make phone calls at the hotel reception, which will be charged to your room invoice.
    Calling a room (free of charge):
    • Calling of guest rooms:
      Dial the room number. The call is free of charge.
    • Calling of internal numbers:
      Reception: 501
      Room Service: 501
      Sanzon Restaurant: 510
      The call is free of charge.
    • Calling of external numbers:
      • National Call: 0 + 06 + City Code + Phone number
        Telephone: 23 Huf/minute
        Mobile: 104 Huf/minute
      • International Call: 0 + 00 + Country Code + City Code + Phone number
        You can find the fee of the international calls on the page below.
    Channel assignment of our televisions as well as the available radio stations can be found on the page below.

    If you have any requests for ordering a concert or theatre ticket, please contact our reception colleague.

    Every day tons of detergent and millions of liters of water are used to wash towels that has been used only once. Please decide for yourself. A towel on the rack means “I’ll use it again”. A towel on the floor means “Please exchange”. Thank you for helping us conserve the Earth’s vital resources.

    Umbrellas are available at the Reception.

    Visitors should be reported at the Reception.
    After 10:00 p.m. only hotel guests can stay in the rooms.

    You can ask for wake-up call at the Reception. Number of the reception: 501.

    All of our rooms are equipped with a welcome tray (mineral water, coffee, tea). It is complimentary for our guests.

    Wellness services are currently unavailable due to renovation work, but will be soon available in a renewed form.

Safety instructions

Please follow the security instructions for your own safety:

  • The hotel is a non-smoking unit. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas and also on the balconies of the rooms.
  • In case of emergency please call the Reception.
  • In the event of a fire alarm leave the building immediately! You can find the escape route on the back of the room door. In case of fire do not use the elevators.
  • Always keep the room locked. If you leave your room please close the window.
  • Protect your valuables! The Management will not be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred. Secure solution for your valuables using the room’s safety deposit box, for free of charge.

Important phone numbers:

  • Reception: 501
  • Sanzon Restaurant: 510
  • Ambulance, Fire brigade, Police: 112
room accessory
Please be informed that the following articles can be requested at the Reception desk:
Shower cap Free
Shoe shine sponge Free
Cotton pad Free
Sewing kit Free
Matches Free
Bath slippers Free
Hair comb Free
Teeth brushing kit 1.200 HUF
Shaving kit 1.200 HUF
Condoms (3 ps) 1.000 HUF
In case You need any of the followings: umbrella, shoehorn, shoe polishing kit, bathrobe, please don't hesitate to turn to the receptionist.

In case of any other questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Reception line: 501

Art Hotel Szeged
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Art Hotel Szeged

Come and discover the city of the sunhine, Szeged. Beautiful surroundings, numerous entertainment and sporting facilities await you in the city and the area.



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