Room preparation

Room preparation

Room preparation according to your needs

We want to contribute to the comfort of our guests even in the most important moments, so that they can enjoy the joy of surprise carefree!

Allow us to help you with the preparations, our room decorations are the perfect addition to birthdays, name days, anniversaries, other important events or time spent together.

Choose from our extra services and let our reception colleagues know your needs when booking.

Kreinbacher Nagy-Somlói Cuvée, Somló 2021 6.900 Ft 0,75l
Sauska Rosé, Villány 2022 8.900 Ft 0,75l
Heimann Merlot, Szekszárd 2020 8.900 Ft 0,75l
Gere Kopár Villány 2019 25.000 Ft 0,75l

Hungária Irsai Olivér 9.000 Ft 0,75l
Hungária Extra Dry 9.000 Ft 0,75l
Accent Sparkling Bliss 
Sauvignon Blanc Brut pezsgő 
10.500 Ft 0,75l
Kreinbacher Extra Dry 15.000 Ft 0,75l

Fruit platter for 1 person - seasonal fruits: HUF 3,500

Bouquet of flowers: 


  • HUF 5,000 / bouquet 
  • HUF 10,000 / bouquet

The price may vary depending on individual needs.


* Our gross consumer prices for the services indicated above are in Hungarian Forints, including the General Sales Tax in effect at the time the service is used. The prices do not include the room service fee, which is HUF 1,000/occasion.

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