Gather Experience

Gather Experience

Experiences for young and old

In one of the varied outdoor programs and in the various facilities, all ages can find the activity closest to them, be it small children, young people, married couples or the elderly.


Address:6725 Szeged, Szél u. 90.

The zoo, which has been welcoming visitors since 1989, is located in a forested area of ​​44 hectares and is located only 2.5 km from downtown Szeged. It presents it's animals grouped by land, striving to provide them with natural living conditions. The Vadaspark considers keeping rare and endangered animal species in natural conditions one of its priority tasks. As a result, you can also find special things here, such as South American clawed monkeys, snow leopards or maned anteaters.

The collection, which can be visited almost every day of the year, treats its guests to zoo pedagogy sessions, feeding shows, and even occasional night tours.

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SZTE Botanical Garden

Address:6726 Szeged, Lövölde út 42.

After the University of Cluj-Napoca moved to Szeged, in 1922, the city donated 20 km of arable land to the university for the purpose of establishing a botanical garden.

The botanical garden is still maintained by the university as a collection serving education and research, but also open to the general public. 

A special feature is the Indian lotus, which has been in the collection for more than 80 years, and which found its living conditions in the lake filled with the artesian water of the botanical garden well, forming the largest free-range stock in Central Europe.

In the tropical butterfly garden, in addition to plant diversity, flying flowers and tropical butterflies of the animal world can be observed from an arm's length away.

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Experience walk

The Experience walk is an initiative in Szeged, the aim of which, in addition to sightseeing, is to provide guests with experiences that will get them to know Szeged even better, while also providing them with active recreation.

The basis of each of the programs is an interactive city tour, in which a tour guide accompanies the guests through the city and tells many interesting, lesser-known stories along the way.

  • There is an experience walk that is then continued with a boat, where the guests can drive the boat themselves on the Tisza, dock at the Kiskőrössy Fisherman's Wharf and enjoy a delicious fish soup.
  • There is a program where you walk with a professional photographer and professional pictures are taken of the guests, but there is also a wine dinner program or even a simpler sightseeing and ice cream program.

  • Fixed announced times can be found on the website below.

  • In addition, if there is a need for it, it is possible to organize programs at individual times, even for larger groups.

Our guests receive a 10% discount on the price of the programs. For details, contact our reception colleagues.

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Experience walk - self walks

Experiences in a new guise: you can discover the treasures of the city center individually, interactively, without a guide.

Dating experience 
Take a walk together, in which you can get to know your relationships and Szeged from a special perspective at the same time!
Whether you've been together for 1 week or several decades, this program is guaranteed to move you and your relationships! And the lovers of Szeged will always be there for you.
A program specially recommended for couples.


Fantasy World WonderWalk

Animals and special creatures on the move. In our latest self-guided (individual) experience walk, you will find yourself in a special fairytale world, where you will meet not only animals, but also real mythical creatures. We recommend this program especially to families with small children and to those who want to relive their childish self a little and relax in the framework of a self-indulgent, playful walk. It is also a good choice for those who love animals, and the walk can even be completed with a dog, as the end station is a dog-friendly place.



What is Landventure?

The latest urban detective game that you can play alone, in pairs, with company, or with a dog at any time. During the missions, you can visit the most beautiful parts of the city. All you need to play the game is you and a mobile phone!

How It Works?

The game takes place OUTSIDE (of course, outdoors, be it a city, village, forest, field). To complete the missions, you have to walk, research, and think.

All you need for the experience is yourself and your mobile phone (one is enough). The various tasks will appear on the mobile.



The city's most mysterious board game, where you are the protagonist and the city itself is the game board.

Solve the clues, solve the riddles and follow the mysteries. On each of our levels, you will face a new secret, and the solution depends only on you and your team.

To start the game, all you have to do is gather a team (which can be at least 2 and maximum 6 people), buy a ticket, and then with a charged smartphone and approx. Activate the game equipped with 100 MB of mobile internet, a pen and a map purchased from us, about which we will send you all the information by e-mail. 

You can start the adventure at any time and stop if you are hungry or tired. You don't have to adjust to opening hours or weather, the point is that to solve the mysteries max. You have 48 hours, don't miss it.

Our guests receive a HUF 1,000 discount on the price of the programs. For details, contact our reception colleagues.


Pleasure flight

Address: 6728 Szeged, Bajai út, Repülőtér

Drive a real airplane!
Try yourself as a pilot with a professional instructor.


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