Hungarian miracle in Art Hotel Szeged

The main value of our hotel, which is of decisive importance from a domestic point of view, is a discovery called one of the wonders of Hungary, which is the invention of a talented Hungarian young man, Áron Losonczi. The incredible innovation is none other than light-transmitting concrete, aka: LiTraCon. The architectural solution, now known worldwide, deservedly received a place in Hungary's 2013 image film intended for foreign markets, as a Hungarian "ingenious innovation".

Our hotel is proud that our guests can meet such a wonderful discovery every day in the lobby of the hotel, and we are happy to introduce those who enter our hotel to this incredible Hungarian invention.

The architectural solution illuminated in a special way is decorated with the signature of the dreamer of Art Hotel Szeged, Péter Körtvélyessy, who unfortunately could not afford to build the Hotel.

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