Tender Support

  • Beneficiary's name: Somogyi Udvar Szolgáltató Kft.
  • Project's title: Négycsillagos szálloda építése a Somogyi-udvarban
  • The amount of the contracted support: 438 816 035 Ft 
  • Amount of support (in %): 28,713629%
  • Presentation of the project content: the approximately HUF 2 billion investment was also supported by the European Union's Regional Development Fund with HUF 438.8 million as part of the New Széchenyi Plan. The project manager, Somogyi Udvar Szolgáltató Kft., built a hotel that, with its modern architectural solutions, organically fits into the historically protected monument environment. In addition, Szeged wants to provide a quality service that can increase the number of visitiors not only to Szeged, but also to it's catchment area in the future
  • The project's planned completion date: 2013.02.28.
  • Project identification number: DAOP-2.1.2-09-2010-0037

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