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In the wellness centre you will find two rooms where a range of massages are on offer, a Finnish sauna, infrared sauna, light- and aroma therapy room and a bubble bath with a unique view to the Cathedral.

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday: 07:00-21:00

Saturday-Sunday: 07:00-21:00

Treatment of wellness area

Relaxing massage: We aim to create an atmosphere where the guest can focus on oneself and let go of all daily troubles. This is achived by using the most soothing strokes of the classical Sweedish massage, that result in relaxing the parasymphatic nervous system. Natural oils are used, like lavender, lemon grass or grape seed as they have a benefical and relaxing effect if inhaled or massaged into the skin. This type of therapy dissolves stress, calms the nervos system and promotes a good sleep at night. Massage helps fill up with energy and restart the day.

Sweedish massage is a deeper, more powerful therapy. Mainly aimed to help muscles loosen up and regenerate. Our back muscles pay the biggest price of our workregiment and lifestyle. Excessive sitting and standing make the muscles sore and can cause general discomfort or even pain in the shoulders, neck or head. This massage can also help athletes to keep their performance high on the long run.

Relaxing or Sweedish massage
30 min 5 900 Huf
60 min 9 900 Huf
90 min 14 990 Huf
Premium massage
60 minute revitalizing, relaxing massage with premium grapeseed oil including an extra 15 minute face massage. 16 990 Huf
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